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Everyone likes a bed time story!! Send in Your Story Today!

Everyone likes a good bed time story! Send your steamy love story and if it gets me wet I'll post it!

Dessert Heat

"Sunny today, with a high of 98 degrees," the weather man was saying. Amber was lying on the sofa in just a cut off t-shirt and panties, watching the news and thinking about how it felt more like 108. She got up and walked over to the window, looking out at the desolate plains that surrounded her there in her Arizona desert home. Sweat already beading up on the small of her back.

She walked over to the back door to check on her husband. As she peered through the glass she could see him working diligently on their truck that had conveniently left them stranded in a rainstorm the night before. She could feel a dampness between her legs as she reflected on how they spent those hours stranded before the storm lifted.

Focusing back on the present, she watched him work, his back turned towards her. He was the sexiest man she had ever seen. His bare back glistening in the sun from the sweat. The muscles in his arms flexing with every tedious turn of the wrench. His waist, just right for sliding her arms around. His feet, like the rest, tanned from the relentless scorching summer heat.

Then there were those jeans. Her favorite ones that made her hot every time he wore them. They conformed to his lower body so perfectly and the sweat-soaked bandana hanging out of his back pocket drove her crazy. He was definitely a man.. her man. She was beginning to get wet from just watching him. She pulled her panties off and stood there in her t-shirt, her nipples protruding through the cotton.

She quietly opened the back door and walked down the steps to where he was working. His glistening back still to her. She took a cube of ice out of a glass of tea he had sitting on the bottom step and continued walking up behind him.

The radio was playing. The sun was beating down, enhancing all the smells around her. She could smell the engine and the motor oil coming from the truck. She could smell the sweat from his body and the wild flowers that grew just a few feet away. It all combined to tingle her senses. She pulled off her shirt. He was unaware of the naked woman standing behind him.

She took the cube of ice and rubbed it across the nape of his neck then let it slide down slowly on his back. Startled, he gasped but felt relieved at the same time. The heat was relentless. Just as he started to turn around she pinned him against the truck and slid her wandering hands down around his waist. Her breasts pressed hard against his sweaty back. She continued exploring with her ice cube as it quickly melted into dribbles of water running down and around to his stomach.

Pressing up against him even tighter so he could not move, she pulled the sweat-soaked bandana from his back pocket and used it to cover his eyes, tying it behind his head. She turned him around forcefully and pressed her lips to his, kissing him with such passion, her hands still wandering. Her lips eased down following her fingers down across his chest and stomach.

She gripped the bulge that stood out in his jeans and he gasped again. She eagerly opened the front of his jeans as her wandering hand pulled out his manhood. He was ah hard as she was wet by now. She could feel the heat coming from deep between her legs and the moisture on her thighs.

Taking his cock into her mouth, she stroked it slow and deep, taking his girth deep in her throat. She knew she was driving him crazy as he moaned with pleasure.

She took him by the hand and laid him down on the blanket he had been using to work under the truck. Her mouth and fingers still massaging his body, bringing every one of his senses to life. She couldn't hold back any longer as she took his throbbing hard manhood deep inside of her. Still blindfolded, he was susceptible to all she had to offer. Her hot thighs on each side of him, she sank down on him. Plunging his cock even deeper inside of her. They both let out a loud groan as she continued to pump him into her, juices from her drenched cunt soaking them.

He loved the way she made love to him and the way her body felt as his hands gripped her waist tightly. He was going even deeper now and with every stroke, every scream, she was growing weaker. She opened her eyes and took him into her, hard, one more time and then reached for it. The motor oil. It was thick, black, and hot from basking in the heat of the sun all day. The bucket it was in was warm and formed to her hand well.

Without warning, she poured some of the hot oil onto his nipple. He groaned loudly as she pinched his other nipple between her fingers and pumped his cock even harder. Again she poured the hot oil onto him. This time across his chest and stomach, letting it flow over into his naval. His back arched as he screamed with pain mixed with pleasure.

He knew she was in control now and had him under her power. She could do anything she wanted to him right now. He was weak with desire and ready to take anything she had. She continued pumping his manhood with such rage and passion that her own juices were spewing onto his stomach mixing with the oil.

Their screams grew louder, she took his cock still deeper as it it seemed to grow even bigger. She knew what caused that sudden growth spurt as with one final deep thrust and one passionate scream, he filled her with his own hot juice. She gasped as she felt his hot man juice spurt deep inside her, over and over, as if it not going to stop. Filling her love hole up until it could hold no more. It began running out around hi cock on down her thighs. She was so weak she could barely manage a sound. Her entire body was spent along with his.

She took the blindfold off and their eyes locked together. She leaned over to kiss him and he gripped her into his arms. They lay there on the ground as the sun went down, kissing until it was no longer daylight.

by: Victoria Givens

What Happens in Vegas…?

My girlfriend and I have been involved in an alternative lifestyle for a couple years are always looking for new and exciting things to do to enhance our own sexual experiences as well as the experiences of those we have sex with.

On a recent trip to Vegas, we had the opportunity of trying something new in the form of role-playing. We hadn’t really tied anything involving role-play so we were a bit confused on putting it all together. We have had a particular fantasy for quite some time and were ready to try. Fortunately, my girlfriend had met a guy on-line who was willing to play along.

The hotel suite was lit just so. Light enough for our new friend to see but dark enough for me to be sitting in a chair in the corner virtually unnoticed. Of course we all knew I was watching but it was understood that I would not be participating or even speaking. She would be lying nude on the bed, there would be wine next to the bed, and the door would be slightly open.

Promptly at 10:00PM the door opened. We’ll call him Marc, came in and locked the door behind him. She handed him a glass of wine which he drank while she began undressing him, kissing him hard as she began unbuttoning his shirt.

Her tongue worked its way down to his bare chest, nipples, and stomach as she continued taking his clothes off. She loosened his belt, unbuttoned his jeans and pulled the zipper down. He was obviously not wearing anything under his jeans as his already growing cock popped out and into her eager mouth.

I couldn’t see much the way the room was lit. More of their silhouettes than anything but I could hear every sound such as her mouth swallowing his cock over and over like she hadn’t had any in years. I could hear his moans and then him telling her to lay back. His silhouette kissed hers hard on the mouth and then began his own trail down to her erect nipples. Now it was her turn to moan as he continued his oral assault, down to her toes and then back up to the moist wetness between her legs. Her moans grew louder and longer as he stayed there. I could tell he knew what he was doing from deep groans. I knew the sounds all too well.

As he positioned himself on top of her, she pulled the sheet up over them. She gasped loudly, letting me know his cock had just entered her. Judging from the long slow movements of their bodies beneath the sheets along with the faint whimpers mixed in with her sounds of ecstasy, I would venture to say her new friend was definitely gifted.

I heard her whisper to him that she wanted to ride him just before they rolled over, remaining under the sheets. She was just where she liked to be. In control giving her the leverage to fuck him as hard as she wanted to. And she did. By now she was screaming. I could hear the wet noises get louder and knew she was cumming and squirting all over his cock. His own moans became yells as she fucked him relentlessly, over and over again.

Just as he began exploding, she hopped off and took his thick cock into her mouth. Swallowing every drop of his orgasm. Squeezing it to make sure she got it all before cleaning his cock and balls with her warm mouth before letting him up. He got dressed, kissed her one more time, thanked her, and left. Needless to say, my own cock was so hard it felt like it were about to bust right out of it’s own skin. Hours later, we fell asleep. Completely exhausted and both completely satisfied. Both secretly thinking what adventure we would chase next.

by: Jim (Las Vegas)

Nude Beach

It was a hot summer's day. The kind of day you were glad that you didn't have to go into work. The kind of day you sweat just standing there, your clothes clinging to your body. Even though it was hotter then hell, it was a beautiful sunny day.

So I decided the best thing to do would be to head down to the nude beach. I drove down to Lighthouse Beach at the Robert Moses State Park on Long Island, NY. I set up my lounge chair, got a cold drink, and stripped off my clothes. The sun on my body and being naked felt great. I laid my towel on the sand next to me. I was about to start putting on some sun tan lotion when I heard this voice next to me.

You asked if the spot next to me was taken? I said no and to please help yourself. You told me your name was Victoria. I told you my name was John. "I don't know why, but you look familiar to me" you said. "I think it is because we know each other from X Peeps. I shaved off the goatee." I replied. It was like two old friends meeting.

"So what brings you to New York?" I asked, to which you said, "I'm in town for a show and I didn't want any tan lines. Would you mind putting this lotion on for me? I'd hate to get burned." How could I refuse? I put both legs over the sides of the lounge. You sat right in front of me. I began by putting the lotion over your shoulders and your back. You moved back so that we were touching. You asked if I could get your front from there. I said, no problem.” I rubbed the lotion all over your body.

"Now don't forget my tits,” you said as I continued rubbing lotion on you. You could feel my cock getting hard as it rubbed up against the crack of your ass. "We'll just have to take care of that now won't we” you added. Then, with you lying back on the lounge and your legs spread wide, I slowly work my way up and down both of your legs. I took in the beautiful aroma from your pussy, which was beginning to get wet.

You stood up so I could make sure that the backs of your legs and that your ass were covered in lotion. I can't help but to give both your ass cheeks a kiss. "We better make sure that you don't burn" you say as you have me lie down on my stomach. You climb on top of me and rub sun tan lotion all over me. Rubbing your body all over me at the same time.

You reach underneath and give my balls a little scratch. I lift up to give you better access. You take my cock in your hand and give it a few strokes. "Turn over and I'll do your front" you command. "A hard cock is a terrible thing to waste,” you say as I lie back. You take my cock in your mouth. Your mouth feels so wonderful around my cock. It is just fucking incredible. You then climb on top of me. Your pussy is inches away from my face. I begin to lick your pussy. My tongue licking all over it. I press my tongue deep inside of you while you continue to suck on my cock.

You stand up. You face me. You grab hold of my cock. You rub my cock up against your pussy. Your pussy slides down the length of my shaft. Your pussy feels so great around my cock. You ride up and down my cock. We fuck faster and faster. You lean forward. I suck on your tits. I love sucking on your tits. We then move to the beach towel lying on the sand next to us. You get on all fours.

"Fuck me from behind. I want to feel you deep inside of me" you moan. I fuck you from behind. My cock goes deep inside of you. Your pussy feels so tight around my cock. Your tits rub up against the palms of my hands. "Oh God. Yes!" you scream out. You look over. We've drawn an audience. Everybody is turned on. Women are rubbing and fingering their pussies. The guys are stroking their cocks. "Fuck me. Fuck me harder" you scream. "Fuck me with that fat cock of yours.”

"I'm going to cum” I groan. "Cum for me” you respond. “Shoot your load deep inside of me."
"Oh God. Yes. I'm cumming."
"Oh God. Oh Fuck. Yes. That's it. Fill me up."

You scream as I shoot my load deep inside of you. I get up and stand aside. The guys stand around you in a circle. Soon cum is flying all over you as they continue to jerk off. You are soaked in it. We hold hands and run into the water. We splash around in the water.

"I'm glad I got to meet you on this trip" you say.
"So am I. Really glad" I reply as we hug tightly. We kiss deeply and passionately. Our tongues exploring each other's mouths. "Will you be at the show?" you ask. "I wouldn't miss it for the world." Soon it was time to leave. Thankfully, that's not the last time we get together.

by: John